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Our technology platforms employ a standard enterprise services bus in a service-oriented architecture, configured for 24/7 operations. We maintain two secure, interconnected, environmentally-controlled primary data centers, each with emergency power generation capabilities. We will also operate several satellite data centres as per the need. Our software development life cycle methodology requires that all applications are able to run in both of our data centres. We use a variety of proprietary and licensed standards-based technologies to implement our platforms, including those which provide for orchestration, interoperability and process control. The platforms also integrate a data infrastructure to support both transaction processing and data warehousing for operational support and data analytics.

Claimat EMR

Claimat EMR received ONC-ATCB Certification by Drummond Group

Claimat EMR has received the federal government's "Meaningful Use" stamp of approval by earning ONC-ATCB Certification by Drummond Group.The certification validates that our EMR software can help providers take part in the electronic revolution that is reverberating across the healthcare industry. Healthcare providers can now leverage our EMR software to not only make significant care improvements but to also achieve meaningful use and qualify for incentive funds under ARRA. We are proud to offer providers the opportunity to truly improve care in their communities.