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Physician Portal - Empower your practice

Claimat's web-based medical claims processing system can connect most practice management systems (PMS) to both regional payers and national networks in a HIPAA-compliant environment, at the lowest cost available.

Our web-based claims processing system delivers 100% digital claims submission, significantly reduces administrative costs, improves auto-adjudication rates and significantly reduces turnaround time.

Features we offer:

  • Instant verification of benefit and eligibility information
  • Access to most payer connections in the industry
  • Corrected and verified patient information
  • Low Cost Claims Processing - No charge for transmission of commercial claims
  • Flexible Claims Submission - Direct transmission or print-image
  • HIPAA Compliant Solution - Claimat's working format is ANSI X12 HIPAA v4010A
  • Unique Features - Claim Editor, Reimbursement Manager, Comprehensive Reports
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Online Prescriptions
  • Simple, reliable online patient scheduling solution
  • Data Analysis, Pay for Performance, HEDIS, and HCC reporting in real time
  • Integrated tools will allow for the transmission of lab results to patients, medical groups and health plans
  • Integrates crucial pharmacy data with convenience and clarity
Claimat EMR

Claimat EMR received ONC-ATCB Certification by Drummond Group

Claimat EMR has received the federal government's "Meaningful Use" stamp of approval by earning ONC-ATCB Certification by Drummond Group.The certification validates that our EMR software can help providers take part in the electronic revolution that is reverberating across the healthcare industry. Healthcare providers can now leverage our EMR software to not only make significant care improvements but to also achieve meaningful use and qualify for incentive funds under ARRA. We are proud to offer providers the opportunity to truly improve care in their communities.